Sengchai Transformer with 50 years experience. Their beginning was small.

They began as a small shop to the entire country of Thailand, keeping their quality up to this day, which is acceptable for both public and private sectors. This complies with ANSI, ICE, DIN, ISO 384-2543, ISO 9001 : 2008 and ISO 14001.

The Sengchai Company Limited is a manufacturer of power transformers and distribution transformers from high to a low voltage, built to a high standard, which pioneered the first transformers in Thailand. There were only 2-3 transformer companies in Thailand then. Sengchai optical transformers have been produced since 2495.

In 2506, they were fortunate to have built a good customer base. During The Vietnam War, Thailand became the base operations for the USA. In the period The Americans ordered many transformers from Sengchai. Then...

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Maintenance of transformers.

Transformers are important devices since then until now for energy. To use the power of the energy from the installation date is used all the time, which may be due to deterioration and decay that must be maintained at least once a year at one time in order to prolong the lifetime and cost are all indicative of the need.

1.If SILICA-GEL (desiccant) changes color from blue to pink or black, it should be replaced.
2. If the rubber seal is damaged, oil will seep out. It needs to be replace.
3. Rust tank decay damage.
4. ARK Racing Honda damage/distortion not longer than 15.5 cm.
5. Gasket frame, if dilapidated or damaged oil will seep out.
6. Bushing, high voltage - low voltage chip / damaged or if there is thick dust. May lead to leaking into the ground. If it catches fire then extinguish it.
7. Top up transformer oil when oil level is low, add oil.
8. Ventilated dirty / leaking.

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The Method of Installing a new transformer.

Disconnect the power from the transformer.

1. Should use a wood stick with degradation fuse dropout fuse should only be replaced with other types of wood and wood stick in the fuse. Dry condition. And must wear rubber gloves and leather gloves at all times.
2. Stand on even ground, so you don’t lose balance. If it has not been drawn, the fuse or fuses wood stick will bow down when drawn.
3. A strong cast out. Should raise the speed limiting. To reduce the arc. As a result, for Contacts damaged. And the withdrawal phase from the first pillar.
4. Protection of the transformer to the low voltage cut-out fuse it to a serious disconnect the high voltage. Then release the pressure, because the arc is drawn to will be dangerous to fly low over the Internet. Because the equipment is very near.
5. A protective low voltage side of the transformer to LT switch the EPA. To release the pressure before.
6. A ground shock and low voltage distribution system to prevent the return of the light.

Standard transformer installation.

Installation of transformers, EPA has 3 ways of installing transformers:

1. Suspended for the first phase of transformers installed size from 10-160 KVA.
2. A scaffold for three-phase transformers installed size from 50-250 KVA (PEA) and from 50 - 500 KVA (only) with a maximum weight of 3000 kg.
3. A floor for the three-phase transformer size from 315-2,000 KVA.

The general condition of the transformer.
1. You must verify the installation of the correct standard.
2. You must verify lightning high voltage, dropout, low voltage fuse switches. Is complete and in good condition. Of the coordinates.
3. Examine by observing the color of the desiccant is silica gel, if mat pink, it has to be replaced.
4. Verify connector is not loose bushing transformer to the arc.
5. Check seals of all transformers for oil seepage.

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The Structure of Transformers

Transformers are divided according to the two types of power systems.- One phase transformers and three phase transformers, each major structural features:

1. Primary winding conductor (Primary Winding) to receive voltage.
2. Coil secondary (Secondary Winding) Supply voltage function.
3. A core (Core).
4. Connector (Terminal) serves as the connector to the coil.
5. A label (Name Plate) function describes the transformers.
6. Equipment cooling (Coolant) acts as a cooling coil to the air, the fan, the fan and the oil or oil cooling etc.
7. Frame or the body of the transformer (Tank) served coil pack. Core as well. The cooling system for a large transformer.
8. Switches and control devices (Switch Controller) controls the size of the voltage and power protection equipment types included. The materials used to make electricity transformer windings made of insulated copper wires coated. Size and the wire is round or flat, depending on the size of a large transformer windings are capable of supplying more than the smaller wire size.

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